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To develop an application with AppFuse, you generally create POJOs and configure how they work with Spring. Follow the steps below to create a master/detail screens that CRUD a Person object. You should create a project using the QuickStart Guide and setup your Development Environment before starting these tutorials.

AppFuse has a Maven Plugin that allows you to generate all the code in these tutorials. However, we recommend you complete the tutorials first so you're familiar with all the code that's being generated. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Create a Person Entity.
  2. Create a PersonDao in Hibernate or JPA.
  3. Create a PersonManager to act as a service facade to PersonDao. Optionally, expose it as a web service.
  4. Create the web tier using JSF, Struts 2, Spring MVC or Tapestry.

Help us help you


These tutorials are designed to make it easy to develop applications with open source Java frameworks. If you have difficulty in any sections, or think that things can be clarified, we encourage you to 1) contact the mailing list or 2) modify the page to make things more clear.

To modify content, create an account, then navigate to the page you want to modify and select Edit > Edit this page. The AppFuse Team monitors changes so they will receive notifications of your changes and can correct any mistakes you make.

Where's the source?
One of the most commonly asked questions about AppFuse 2.x is where's the source? If you'd like to convert your project so it doesn't rely on AppFuse dependencies and includes AppFuse's source instead, run mvn appfuse:full-source.

Having trouble choosing a web framework?


If you're having trouble choosing a web framework, read What Web Application framework should you use? and Java Web Framework Sweet Spots. More information on comparing web frameworks could be found in Matt Raible's Presentations.