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Many organizations have donating free products and hosting for AppFuse development. These companies are truly outstanding in their support of open-source projects, and their products/services rock too! We'd especially like to recognize Contegix (hosts JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo and Crowd) for their awesome support services. Of course, Atlassian rocks too for providing us with free licenses for their suite of excellent products.

Raible Designs - sponsors development of AppFuse.

Adaptavist - free Builder license for Confluence.

Atlassian - free licenses for Bamboo, FishEye, Confluence, Crowd and JIRA.

Contegix - provides free hosting of JIRA, Bamboo, Confluence and Crowd. Also hosts demos running on Tomcat.

Gliffy - free license to the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence.

Intellij IDEA - free IDEA licenses for developers.

Can’t live withoutJava IDE with advanced HTML/CSS/JS
editor for hardcore web-developers - provides mailing lists.

ej-technologies - free JProfiler licenses for developers.

YourKit - free YourKit licenses for developers.

<oXygen/> - free <oXygen/> licenses for developers.

SoftLogica - free WAPT (Web Application Load, Stress and Performance Testing) licenses for developers.

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