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This release integrates HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Hibernate 4 and Hibernate Search. It also adds full support for Java 7, Maven 3, Tomcat 7 and Servlet 3. Below is a highlighted list of significant enhancements since 2.1.0:

  • [APF-1298] - Replace Compass with Hibernate Search
  • [APF-1220] - appfuse:full-source fails to work with Maven 3
  • [APF-1297] - Upgrade to Hibernate 4
  • [APF-1315] - Move source from to GitHub
  • [APF-1240] - Remove SiteMesh and use Tapestry's built-in Layout
  • [APF-1279] - Upgrade to Apache CXF 2.7.0
  • [APF-1288] - Incorporate security improvements from Web App Security Research
  • [APF-1289] - Upgrade to Spring Security 3.1
  • [APF-1290] - Upgrade to MyFaces 2.1.5 and Tomahawk 1.1.11
  • [APF-1292] - Upgrade to Tapestry 5.3
  • [APF-1295] - Upgrade to Spring 3.1
  • [APF-1296] - Integrate Twitter Bootstrap
  • [APF-1306] - Upgrade to Struts 2.3.7
  • [APF-1316] - Add bootstrap glyphs to buttons in forms, both generated and initial
  • [APF-1321] - Add support for ca locale (catalan)
  • [APF-1332] - Make Java 7 Compatible
  • [APF-912] - Add support for creating Canoo WebTest HTML reports

In addition, a number of blog posts were written about features that went into this release while it was being developed:

Demos for this release can be viewed at Please see the Upgrade Guide below or the QuickStart Guide to get started with this release. Individual issues fixed can be seen in the changelog.

Upgrade Guide 

Diff is your friend


The easiest way to upgrade is likely to create a new project using 2.2.1, then compare the top-level directory of your project with the new one.

  • Beyond Compare is a fabulous diff tool for Windows users.
  • WinMerge is a great open source visual diff and merging tool for Windows.
  • SmartSynchronize is a multi-platform file and directory compare tool.

The tutorial applications have been upgraded from 2.1.0 to 2.2.1.

Detailed Changelog 


AppFuse Issues (109 issues)

T Key Summary Status Resolution
Bug APF-1345 appfuse:gen-model should be updated to use Hibernate Search annotations Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1344 apostrophe/single quote needs to be escaped only for messages with parameters Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1343 dataTable sort does not work with AppFuse basic JSF 2.2 snapshot Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1342 French and German locales not properly rendered on login page Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1340 Upgrade log4j to 1.2.17, mysql-connector to 5.1.22, ehcache-core to 2.6.2 and Tomcat to 7.0.33 Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1339 Update Tutorials for 2.2 Release Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1338 Invalid search text results in page with stack trace Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1337 Show/hide menu items in a narror screen mode doesn't work properly in a Tapestry frontend Resolved Won't Fix
Bug APF-1335 artifactId conflict for multi-module projects Resolved Fixed
Improvement APF-1334 packaged webapp should generate search indexes in user home dir by default Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1333 Remove client-side validation for JSF Resolved Fixed
Improvement APF-1332 Make Java 7 Compatible Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1328 appfuse:gen does not generate date-specific code for classes with date fields Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1327 Upgrade to Spring 3.1.2 and Spring Security 3.1.3 Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1326 appfuse:gen does not merge generated webtests into main webtest file Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1325 on signup, user is saved twice and email sent twice Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1324 full appfuse source build fails in system with locale other than en Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1322 password hint not working Resolved Fixed
Improvement APF-1321 add support for ca locale (catalan) Resolved Fixed
Bug APF-1320 login page can have empty username and gets focus on password Resolved Fixed
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