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NetBeans 5.5+ should work great to develop an AppFuse-based application.

Table of Contents

  1. Download and Install
  2. Spring Support
  3. Tips and Tricks

Download and Install

  1. Download NetBeans 5.5+ and install it in $TOOLS_HOME/netbeans-5.5.
  2. Install Mevenide for Maven 2 support in NetBeans.
  3. Go to File > Open Project and navigate to your project. Open it to begin using NetBeans to develop your project.

NetBeans has excellent Maven 2 support. You should be able to install and run your project in NetBean's built-in Tomcat instance.

You can also run Maven commands from within NetBeans (right-click on your project name and choose "Run lifecycle phase" or "Run Custom Goal". You should be able to compile your project and run tests from within your IDE. For tests that rely on pre-existing data, you may have to periodically run mvn dbunit:operation to re-populate your database. You don't have to use NetBean's built-in Tomcat instance because you can use the Jetty Plugin (mvn jetty:run-war) or Cargo (mvn cargo:start -Dcargo.wait=true).

Spring Support

Installing the Spring Module for NetBeans is recommended for simplifying Spring development with NetBeans.

Tips and Tricks

None yet, please add some!

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