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Releases below are listed from most recent to least.

Latest Release

  • Release Notes 3.5.0 - Reduced XML in archetypes by 8x! AMP support for Wicket and all AppFuse Light modules (added Spring Security, Spring FreeMarker and Stripes). GWT support and tutorial. Upgraded to Tapestry 5.4 and Log4J 2.1.

Past Releases

  • Release Notes 3.0.0 - PrimeFaces, Wicket, Spring 4, Mockito, wro4j and Bootstrap 3.
  • Release Notes 2.2.1 - HTML5, Bootstrap, Java 7, Hibernate 4 and Hibernate Search. 
  • Release Notes 2.1.0 - Easier to use and much faster. JSF 2, Tapestry 5, JPA 2 and Spring 3. CXF, RESTful services and many, many efficiency improvements.
  • Release Notes 2.0.2 - Lots of bug fixes, library upgrades, and ability to customize code generation templates.
  • Release Notes 2.0.1 - Lots of bug fixes, improvements to code generation and upgraded to Spring 2.5.
  • Release Notes 2.0 - The road to AppFuse 2.0 has been a long journey through Mavenland, annotations and generics. We're pleased to announce that we're finally finished after 13 months of development. This release contains a number of bug fixes for AMP, an upgrade to Tapestry 4.1.3, the addition of Tacos, support for Oracle and changes to prevent XSS attacks.
  • Release Notes 2.0 RC1 - The major features in this release are JSF 1.2, Tapestry 4.1 and improved Code Generation. In addition, we've addressed over 100 issues in preparation for our final 2.0 release.
  • Release Notes 2.0 M5 - The major features in this release are Code Generation, Full Source and XFire support.
  • Release Notes 2.0 M4 - We were hoping to get AMP's code generation and XFire integrated in this release. While we're still working on those features, there were already quite a few improvements over M3, so we decided to release early. We hope to have both AMP and XFire integration completed for 2.0 M5.
  • Release Notes 2.0 M3 - The major feature in this release is documentation! All of the web tutorials tutorials have been written and tested. In addition, we figured out how to get native2ascii to work with Maven 2 - so all i18n bundles and supported languages (now including Turkish!) should work. Besides those key features, this is primarily a bug fix release. We still plan on creating a Maven plugin for code generation, as well as integrating XFire.
  • Release Notes 2.0 M2 - We've reached quite a milestone in the development in AppFuse 2.0. This is a release that we hope to use to flush out issues and help make AppFuse 2.0 a solid release. The major things missing from this release are code generation (AppGen) and web services (XFire) support.

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x

Upgrading a 1.x application to 2.x shouldn't be too difficult, it's all Java and XML after all! The first thing you should be aware of is that AppFuse 2.x doesn't support Struts 1. This means if your AppFuse 1.x application uses Struts 1.x, it's probably not worth upgrading. In fact, continuing to use your 1.x application as-is may be the best solution. The only good reason to try to upgrade your application to 2.x is if you want to use Maven instead of Ant.

To upgrade, you'll want to create a new project using the QuickStart Guide. Then you'll want to run mvn appfuse:full-source to convert your new project to contain all of AppFuse source (like 1.x did by default).

After you've setup your new project, check it into source control so you can rollback if you make any mistakes. Creating a backup copy on your hard-drive is also a recommended solution.

  1. Copy Java source files from src/dao, src/service and src/web to src/main/java. If you're using a modular-structured project, copy src/dao/** and src/service/** to core/src/main/java.
  2. Change your Model objects from using mapping files to using JPA Annotations.
  3. Copy web files (CSS, JavaScript, etc.) to src/main/webapp (web/src/main/webapp for modular projects).

We realize this is not the step-by-step guide most folks are looking for. Please ask on the user mailing list if you have any troubles. Also, there are several AppFuse Developers who'd be happy to help with your migration. Please contact Matt if you'd like to contract one of them to assist you.