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One of the setup reqirements for AppFuse is an SMTP server. By far the easiest and most reliable way to configure AppFuse is to have an SMTP service running on localhost. This isn't much of a problem for some operating systems where an SMTP server is installed by default (like Linux and OS X distributions), but for new AppFuse users running Windows it has been a recurring issue. So here are a few options you have for installing an SMTP server for your operating system:

Platform Independent

  • Apache James - Complete mail and news server written in Java

It is a breeze to send mail with James. Simply download and unpack the distribution, cd into the 'james-2.3.0/bin' directory (versions can obviously differ), and execute the (or run.bat for Windows) script. (If you run this script on a Linux machine, you must start it as sudo so it can bind to the necessary ports.) If you need to configure James to receive mail, please consult their documentation.


  • IIS - (NT/2000/XP) Microsoft SMTP server provided with the OS (Another setup guide)

It is important that if you set up the SMTP server that comes with IIS, to turn on relaying capabilities in order for email to be routed correctly within AppFuse. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the SMTP properties window
    1. Access by clicking Start
    2. Control Panel
    3. Administrative Tools
    4. Internet Information Services
    5. Expand the domain you use for appfuse
    6. and right click on the Default SMTP Virtual Server
  2. Click the Access tab
  3. Click the Relay button to bring up the Relay Restrictions window
  4. Select the radio option for "Only the list below"
  5. Click the Add button to add access to a particular domain or group
  6. If using the localhost as your SMTP server as previously suggested, make sure you add here so that the localhost can properly relay mail.
  7. Finally, click OK, Apply, and OK to save your changes.
    Also note that if you're behind a firewall or router, you may need to open ports 25 and 2525.
  • FreeSMTP - (9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7) Freeware SMTP server that runs from your system tray
  • smtp4dev - (XP/Vista/7) FOSS tool runs in the system tray and allows for easy viewing of the emails without actually sending any emails


  • Postfix - Included in the OS (regular & server, if not started: try "sudo postfix start" in your Terminal window) Up through Mavericks, Postfix was configured to provide the mail transfer agent (MTA) and only a start command was necessary for both OS-X base and OS-X server. With the release Yosemite (latest as of Dec. 3, 2014), the configuration of Postfix is no longer provided by default. There are several online postings for using Gmail as your MTA for local AppFuse development. Stay tuned and we'll provide those instructions once tested and verified.


  • Sendmail - Most common SMTP server for Linux
  • Postfix - Easier to configure alternative to the ubiquitous Sendmail

Obviously there are more choices than these. This is meant to be a short list to get people up and running on AppFuse. If you know of another server that should be on this list please add it.