Blog from Apr 25, 2007

As part of my upcoming Comparing Java Web Frameworks talk, I'd like to show some statistics of web framework usage in AppFuse. Please vote for the one you're using in the following poll. I'm mostly looking for current AppFuse users. By that, I mean folks that have used 1.x or 2.x on a project in the last 6 months, or plan on using it in the next month or two.

You'll need to create an account and login to vote. To do this, go to View > Account > Sign Up.

I'll compile the results of this poll on Friday morning (April 27th), so you have until then for your vote to be counted!

Update: Here is the ApacheCon EU: Comparing Java Web Frameworks Presentation

Update: Thanks to the 64 of you that voted. Here's the results of the poll:

AppFuse Web Framework Usage

As I said last time, I find the results interesting because AppFuse lowers the barriers and reduces the learning curve for all of these frameworks.